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We have a wide variety of drinks including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on board. It is company policy that we do not permit guests to bring their own food, wine, beer, spirits, or soft drinks for consumption at their function, unless otherwise agreed with the management. There is a corkage charge is applied per bottle/can opened and all drinks must be opened and served by our bar staff.
See below for details of our Corkage policy:
- Brandy or alcoholic/Bottle: USD 25/ bottle
- Light Liquor or Wine/ Bottle: USD 15/ bottle
- Soft drink or Beer/Can: USD 1.5/ can
Kindly noted that the Corkage fee above is applied for volumetric capacity under 1000ml. Otherwise above 1000ml, the charge per liter is USD 25/1000ml (for Brandy or alcoholic), USD 15/ 1000ml (for Light Liquor or Wine).