Before you leave the cruise, be sure to check these helpful tips that will save your time and your money.

Check the shower room.



The shower room is the first thing you should think about. People always overlook or take a quick check when packing the belonging. There are many expensive things like washing face bottle, razor, skin care stuff we believe that you don’t want to leave behind or replace it.

Take the shoe out


Your bad behavior is always forgetting the thing in the safety box, this is your golden key. Put one of your favorite pair of shoes inside the safety box. You will be forced to remember to take all the valuables and your shoes out.

Grab the freebies.



Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, hair cover are the free toiletries you can grab. There is nothing wrong to take it and save your money for your next travel destination. Be sure to ask the staff before you take anything, and check these items aren’t part of the room charged bills.

Take a photo the Minibar


Hotel / Cruise might give you unexpected charged from the things you never used, you never did. So make sure take photo the mini bar / all of the problems or damages inside the room. This is the best evidence to prove you are innocent if unexpected problems come to you.

Tip housekeeping.



They are the one who always ensures to bring you the cleanness, comfortable feeling after long day trips. Don’t forget to give them a “small tip” and thank note before you check out. You also can leave your tips at the front desk, but leave your tips in the room is the best way that the money will go to the right person.

Request a car.



If you do have any special transfer request, please do request a ride before you leave the cruise. It is a better way to save your waiting time and money with affordable price.

Review the bill.


Review carefully the bill, check step by step all of the charged services (drink, massage services, tax, service charged). For more careful, you can ask one of the people on your group, double check the bill with you. If everything is corrected then

Remember to collect your Passport, ID / Important papers


Cruise/ Hotel always hold your passport until your check-out. Remember, it is your top priority you have to do before leaving the cruise. Without your Passport / Id you cannot go anywhere