Once you step foot onboard your ship, there is plenty to see and do, and here is our list of things that may surprise you on Era Cruises.

1. Safety


Era Cruises are one of the products from Song Cam shipyard (A Partner of the Damen shipyard from Netherland). With Europe's leading technology and quality shipbuilding, Era Cruises are committed to providing absolute safety for its customers and all crews:

2. Room Size / Room Design


Equipped with some of the best interiors in the world with the huge room size (The smallest cabin is 47m2). All room provides private terrace and beds face the huge windows so you wake up with a view of the bay.

Era Cruise promises to bring you an incredible experience in Lan Ha Bay.

 3. Public Area


Coffee lounge, mini cinema, spa, and mini fitness room. With a smaller amount of passengers, you can really get to mingle with other guests, make new travel friends and never have to worry about lines

4. Service & Staff


One of Era Cruises signature comes from the service and staff. With enthusiastic and well-trained crew, we will completely bring you the summit of the luxury service.

5. Food


The Signature Restaurant provides our guests with a refreshingly personal style of dining. With Era Cruises talented chef team, we take pleasure in presenting you with a wide range of assorted dishes from around Vietnam and the globe. Specializing in Seafood, International and Vietnamese cuisines, our extraordinary dishes take on a blend of Traditional and Fusion flavors. Our succulent meals are only made with the freshest ingredients and produce available.

 6. Activities


Take a kayak and bicycle tour, which brings you closer to the wonder of nature life in the uninhabited, beautifully preserved island.

7. Variety of Accommodations


Finding the right accommodation onboard Era Cruises ships is easier with the wide variety of suites.:

8. Room Balcony


One of the Era Cruises highlights is all room provide the private balcony. There are many beneficial things to having a balcony cabin:  Super private area, freedom, experience the ocean life more, ocean air anytime you want it and so many interesting ways that you can find out by yourself and enjoy it.