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You are a cruise newbie, don’t worry, here are some tips which can help you to know what to do on the first day on board.
1. Cruise Safety Introduction
8things 1CruiseSafety
For your safety, please listen and take notes very carefully about the cruise safety from our Cruise Manager. After all, you can know where is the emergency exit, where we keep the life jacket, where you can get the lifeboat.
2. Introduce yourself to the cabin steward
8things 2IntroduceYourself
Do not hesitate when you open your words first, and introduce yourself to the Cruise Steward to lets them know you are first time cruiser. Surely, they can help you with any situation that might arise during your first cruise.
3. Unpack
8things 3Unpack
If you do not want to rummage your luggage to find your things, unpack your luggage immediately and separate your stuff to easy places to find. So next time when you need anything for your coming up activities or trip, you can very easy to find and take it.
4. Change The Clothes
8things 4ChangeClothes
Change your clothes to the travel outfit, it makes you feel more comfortable when join and does any in ,out-door activates.
5. Make onboard reservations
8things 5MakeReservation
If you are going in the special occasion (honeymoon, birthday, anniversary) go ahead and book the dining reservation to surprise your beloved. Besides that, you also can book the spa appointment, drink package and other.

6. Discover The Cruise
8things 6DiscoverTheCruise
This is just like your new home for few days, so nothing is better then go around and explore the cruise by yourself. Surely you can find a lot of interesting areas where you can stay there to enjoy the beauty of the bay.
7. Be on Deck When the Cruise Sailing
8things 7BeOnDeck
The best place to stay is the cruise sundeck. The Era Cruises Sundeck is complete with everything you could possibly need to enjoy the perfect Aurora & Twilight time. More than that the sundeck also delivers to you an amazing view of the wonder of the world, Halong Bay.
8. Take loads of pictures
8things 8Capturephotos
It’s time to capture all of the beautiful photos together with your beloved, your family and your friend. Photography is about capturing a quintessential moment. Shooting as many as you can, so you can pick the best photos and share it with your friend.