There are a thousand styles of traveling, with each different people they will have each different hobbies. There is some love to travel with family, some love to travel with the friend and some love to travel alone. And today we will bring you a very helpful travel information about the tip for the first time traveling solo.

1. Make a Plan


If you want to have a perfect vacation with your beloved, your friend and your family, you should make a plan in advance.  Take your time to research on your plan and find out which is the best place to go, the best thing to do and best food to try.

Besides that, you also need to have a backup plan in any scenario.It is easy to control everything during your trip, even this is good things or bad things; because you had a plan and a backup plan to figure it out & solve it.

2. Choose A Place

Put all of your ideal locations in a list, research each place and compare it with each other.  Remember always follow this choosing guide tip:

•    Safety & Clean

•    Impressive & Attractive Thing

•    Convenience & Comfortable

•    Price

•    Food

•    Weather

Comparing 6 of this together, we believe it will help you feel easier to pick the right place to travel.

3. Book The Accommodation


Depending on your travel purpose, from your style, you can go with accommodation at hostel, hotel or homestay. But at this point, we strongly recommend you to book a hostel. There are a lot of traveler like you in there: they are young and they are alone too. It will be a good time for you to meet a new friend with the same hobby. And maybe you also can find a travel partner for your planning trip.

4. Learn A Little of the Local Language


Local people always love to hear you interact with them by their language; and in some how they can give you more welcome if you speak with them in the local language. Just simply knowing how to count from 1 – 10, how to introduce yourself and some of the basic words.Take your time to learn it, and soon you can find realize it help you a lot.

5. Contact With Local Friend

If you have a local friend, you got a jackpot! There is nothing better than have the best tour guide is your friend. They will help you and show you all of the best things in town. Even it is also a great way to save money and avoid scam. So make sure contact them in advance and tell them about your plan.

6. Keep in Touch with People At Home

Wherever you go, please let your friend, your family know. Tell and update daily with them about your plan to do every day. Besides, it can help you against the homesickness feeling, it also a safe way for them to track and find you if something happens.

7. Pack light


Please remember this, wherever you go, you have to carry your own bags your luggage. And we believe, no one is happy to carry the heavy luggage during whole vacation time. Pack light and bring only the real things that you really need to use.

8. Eating Issue

Different countries will have the different type of food. It can be oily, spicy, salty, sweet or even no taste, but with some kind of food might effect to your body. With this problem please prepare the stomach relief and always carry it with you.

Besides that, you can research food taste on the internet or ask your local friend. They can tell you what kind of food and drink you can have.

9. Safety is Top Priority

Tourist always is the target of the Hawker, pickpocket, and thief. And remember do not draw a lot of attention to yourself. Always look around you wherever you come, especially with your valuable thing. Bring less money, separate it and keep the valuable thing at the hotel.

Keep the distance with any stranger, new friend and don’t them to quickly.

10. Trust Your Feeling

As you can see that traveling alone is not dangerous, but in some way, it can turn to the different way. If your feeling tells you that is a safe way to go out with your new stranger friend, just go and do not hesitate. But if you feel something wrong or bad feeling from someone, don’t go and do anything, just leave.

11. Take Photos


Save every single moment, every lovely part of your trip. There are a lot of beautiful sceneries, beautiful things that you have never seen before. So just take your camera, your phone out to take photos and keep the best moments. It is a kind of award, a thing to show with your friend, your family where you have been, what you have done. Of course, they will appreciate your perspective and the story that comes with it.

12.  Make Friends

Friendship is the best thing in the earth.  It also helps you to open your mind, your knowledge and your experience. The more friends you know, the more things you can learn from them and the more fun you can get

Don’t be afraid, open your mind and make the friend.And please remember “ There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet. “.

13.   Enjoy


Whatever people say this is your life, your trip, you should enjoy it. Don’t think too much and just lets your soul relax and fly together with your feeling.

Travel wherever you love to come, eat whatever you like to eat, try the crazy thing that you never dare to do. You can do whatever you want and don’t have to keep with anyone else wishes in mind.